Eat with Your Eyes – All New Visual Recipe Index!

Holy crap. I did something techy.


Of course, I couldn’t even begin to imagine doing something like this on my own. While I kick it old school and do print design by day, my coworker is a does both print and web.

I’ve known I’ve wanted to beef up my recipe index for a while now, but first things first. I had to have content. Now that I’ve got some weapons added to my recipe arsenal, it was time to make it worth looking at.


Not that there’s anything wrong with recipe indexes that look like this! I’m just such a visual person. You can tell me about what you’ve got cooking, but I’m usually not sold sight unseen.

Show me, homie.

So, shout out to my coworker, Christina. In addition to tolerating me from eight to five, I want to thank you for being my web guru. Google ain’t got nothin’ on you, girl.

Check out the fruits of my labor by clicking here or by using the good ol’ fashioned toolbar menu at the top of the page.


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