Find Me On Facebook

It’s been a loooooong time for me since I’ve had a Facebook page.

No, that’s not a little boy in those velveteen overalls.
That’s me…thoroughly destroying…I mean, enjoying…a chocolate cupcake.

Well, not that long, but sometimes it feels like it. Facebook broke out onto the scene during my freshman year in college and I remember full and well their guerrilla marketing campaign. It was a little cryptic, if you ask me. Walking across campus, scribbled on the sidewalk in brightly colored chalk, you would see:


Imagine if you can, a time (almost ten years ago) when no one knew what “The Facebook” was or that they would eventually drop the “The.” For all we knew, The Facebook was something awful, which depending on who you ask, is a fairly accurate description.

I joined Facebook – like everyone else – as soon as my college was added to the list of eligible schools. Once more, please jog your memory for me and remember when Facebook was exclusive to college students. Although Facebook was fair game to everyone by the time I graduated, I was finished.

I deleted my Facebook account and never looked back…until now.

My mom is a talker – she could make friends in an empty room – but I can’t rely on her alone to spread the word about this little blog of mine. That’s why it’s time to call on my old friend…Facebook.

Find me. Like Me. Go ahead and (please) tell all your friends about me…that’s the whole idea.

Question: can you still “poke” people?

If so, please keep poking to a minimum. It’s kind of creepy…and I don’t think the boyfriend would appreciate it.


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